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Cora A. Presley

Associate Professor    

Ph.D., African History /minor in U. S. History, Stanford University
M.A., African History, Stanford University
B.A., History, Stanford University


Research Interests

Gender in African societies
African political movements
Women and development in Africa
The African Diaspora
Africa in Motion Pictures


Dr. Cora Ann Presley is an Associate Professor of African American Studies at Georgia State University. She received her Ph.D. in African History from Stanford University.  Her research focuses on Gender in African societies, African political movements, Women and development in Africa, The African Diaspora, and Africa in Motion Pictures. She has authored several works on African women and has received several prestigious grants.


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Kikuyu Women, the Mau Mau Rebellion and Social Change in Kenya, Second Edition. Black Classics Press, Baltimore, MD, 2012

2007, “Kikuyu Women, The Mau Mau Rebellion and Social Change,” in European Decolonization. Ed. By Marvin Thomas, 2007, Oxon, UK, Ashgate Publishing.

2006, “African Women, Liberation Struggles and the Metanarrative of Memoir,” in International Journal of Africana Studies, Volume 12, No.2 2006 (Fall/Winter), pp. 147-169.

1998, Mau Mau’s Daughter The Life History of Wambui Otieno. Edited and with an Introduction by Cora Ann Presley. Lynne Reinner, Publishers.

1992, Kikuyu Women, The Mau Mau Rebellion and Social Change in Kenya. Westview Press, March.