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Makungu M. Akinyela

Associate Professor    

Ph.D., Liberal Arts (Family and Human Development), Emory University
M.A., Human Development, California State University at Northridge
B.A., Pan African Studies/Journalism, California State University at Northridge


Research Interests

Testimony Therapy
Discursive Practices of Family Therapy
Critical Pedagogy
Africentric Critical Theory


Dr. Makungu M. Akinyela, is an Associate Professor in the African American Studies Department at Georgia State University. Dr. Akinyela is also a Marriage and Family therapist and a much sought after scholar/activist consultant on Black family life, which is reflected two-fold in his chosen professions. He is a private practice family therapy center where he specializes in couple and relationship therapy. His research focuses on Testimony Therapy, Discursive Practices of Family Therapy, Critical Pedagogy, and Africentric Critical Theory.


Curriculum Vitae


Akinyela, M., (Spring 2014) “Narrative Therapy and Cultural Democracy: A Testimony View” Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy. Vol.


Akinyela, M., (2013) “Cabral, black liberation and cultural struggle” in Manji, F., Tell no lies, claim no easy victories: Amilcar Cabral forty years after. , New York, Daraja Press


Akinyela, M., (Spring 2013) “Testimony Therapy in working with African American couples” a video production produced, directed and edited by Lucy Vale. Alexandria, VA, Alexander Street Press.