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Maurice J. Hobson

Associate Professor    

Ph.D., History, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2009
M.A. American Studies/African American Studies, University of Alabama, 2002
B.A., History/African American Studies, University of Alabama at Birmingham, 1999


African American History
20th Century U.S. History
African American Studies
Oral History and Ethnography
Urban and Rural History
Political Economy
Popular Cultural Studies


Dr. Maurice Hobson is an Associate Professor of African American Studies and Historian at Georgia State University. Dr. Hobson earned the Ph.D. degree in History, focusing in African American History and 20th Century U.S. History from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  His research interests are grounded in the fields of African American history, 20th Century U.S. history, African American studies, oral history and ethnography, urban and rural history, political economy, and popular cultural studies. He is the author of The Legend of the Black Mecca: Politics and Class in the Making of Modern Atlanta with the University of North Carolina Press.

Dr. Hobson engages the social sciences and has created a new paradigm called the Black New South that explores the experiences of black folk in the American South, with national and international implications, since WWII.  For this, he has served as an expert witness in court cases and as a voice of insight for documentaries, films, movies, public historical markers, monuments and museum exhibitions.





Selected Publications and Media Appearances


Hobson, Maurice J., The Legend of the Black Mecca: Politics and Class in the Making of Modern Atlanta. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2017.


Refereed Articles and Book Chapters

Hobson, Maurice J. “Ali and Atlanta: A Love Story in the Key of the Black New South,” Phylon: The Clark Atlanta University Review of Race and Culture, Vol. 54: Iss. 1, Article 1, Summer 2017.

Hobson, Maurice J. “Southern-Afro-Futuristics: OutKast, Atlanta and AfroFuturism,” as part of Regina Bradley’s The Stank from Freedom Land: Documenting OutKast’s Hip South, Forthcoming with the University of Georgia Press.

Hobson, Maurice J. “Tackling the Talented Tenth: Black Greek-Lettered

Organizations and the Black New South,” Book Chapter, The Black Intellectual Tradition in the United States in the Twentieth Century, Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2018. (In press)



Hobson, Maurice J. “The King of Atlanta: Martin Luther King Jr. and Public Memory,” Black Perspectives, the blog of The African American Intellectual History Society, April 3, 2018.

Hobson, Maurice J. Shouldering the Burden as part of “Let’s Talk About Race: Fifty Years After King, 14 Atlantans on How Far We’ve Come—And How Far We still have to Go,” Atlanta Magazine, April 2018, pp.60-62.

Hobson, Maurice J. “All Black Everyth(A)ng: Aesthetics, Anecdotes and FX’s Atlanta,” Atlanta Studies Scholar’s Blog, Emory University, November 15, 2016.

Hobson, Maurice J. “Switching Dixies:  Atlanta, Neo-Confederates and the Centennial Games,” Atlanta Studies Scholar’s Blog, Emory University, June 2015.


Book Reviews Essays

Book Review for Sharon O’Foran,’s “Little Zion:  A Church Baptized by Fire,” Chapel Hill:  University of North Carolina Press, 2006, 288pp. $49.95 Hardcover, Journal of African American History, Vol. 93, (1), Winter 2008, pp. 121-123.

Book Review for Hoda Zaki’s “Civil Rights and Politics at Hampton Institute:  The Legacy of Alonzo Moron,” Champaign:  University of Illinois Press, 2007,

$35.00 Hardcover, History of Education Society, Vol.48, Issue 4, pp. 622-626.



Consultant, Hip Hop Evolution: Atlanta. Directed by Darby Wheeler. Performances by Andre Benjamin, Antwan Patton, Patrick “Sleepy” Brown, Future, Cameron Gipp, CeeLo Green, Ludacris, Raymond Murray, Pebbles, L.A. Reid, T-Mo, Rico Wade and a host of other Atlanta artists, Netflix, 2019.

Chief Historian, East Lake Film Project. Directed by Sarah Burns & David McMahon and Produced by Ken Burns, Ken Burns America & PBS Studio, 2018

Chief Historian, Maynard: The Documentary.  Directed by Samuel Pollard, Auburn Avenue Films Production, 2017.

Consultant, The Art of Organized Noize. Directed by Quincy Jones III. Performances by 2 Chainz, André Benjamin, Antwan Patton, Patrick “Sleepy” Brown, Sean Combs, Brian Michael Cox, Future, Cameron Gipp, CeeLo Green, Ludacris, Raymond Murray, Pebbles, L.A. Reid, T-Mo, Bobby V., and Rico Wade. Organized Noize, 2016.

Encyclopedia Entries

Hobson, Maurice J. (Forthcoming, April 2018) “Maynard H. Jackson Jr.,” Black Power Encyclopedia: From the Black Panthers to Stokely Carmichael, ABC-CLIO, Santa Barbara, California.

Hobson, Maurice J., (Forthcoming, Spring 2017) “Hosea Williams,” in American National Biography, Oxford University Press, New York.

Span, Christopher M. and Maurice Hobson (Fall 2009) “The Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands.”  In Kofi Lometey (ed.)

Encyclopedia of African American Education, Sage Publications, New York.

Hobson, Maurice J., (Fall 2009), “The American Missionary Association.” In Kofi Lometey (ed.) Encyclopedia of African American Education, Sage Publications, New York.


Newspaper Articles

Hobson, Maurice J., “But For Bull Connor and Birmingham, we would not have Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,’” The Birmingham News, April 13, 2013.


Television Appearances

Hobson, Maurice J., “A Seat at the Table: Do Black Men Have Black Women’s Blacks?, Georgia Public Broadcast, Atlanta: June 25, 2017.

Hobson, Maurice J., “The Obama Years: The Power of Words, Panelist, Smithsonian Channel, Atlanta: February 17, 2017.

Hobson, Maurice J., “Henry Louis Gates, Jr.’s Black America Since MLK: And Still I Rise,” Panelists, Georgia Public Broadcast, Atlanta: October 27, 2016.

Hobson, Maurice J., “Ken Burns’ Jackie Robinson Documentary,” Interview with Aishah Rashied-Hyman, Georgia Public Broadcast, Atlanta: March 25, 2016.

Hobson, Maurice J., “The Legacy of Julian Bond,” Interview by Jeff Hullinger, Channel 11 Alive. National Broadcasting Company, Atlanta: August 17, 2015.

Radio Appearances

Hobson, Maurice J., “Black Love, Black History,” The Movement Hour of Power, WAOK, Atlanta, GA, February 14, 2017.

Hobson, Maurice J., “The State of Black America, 1A NPR, WAMU, Washington, DC, National Public Broadcast, January 24, 2017.

Hobson, Maurice J., On Second Thought, “What Hip Hop Teaches Us About the 1996 Olympics,” National Public Radio, July 26, 2016.

Hobson, Maurice J., On Second Thought, “Atlanta’s Olympic Legacy, 20 Years Later,” National Public Radio, July 19, 2016.

Hobson, Maurice J., On Second Thought, “Why Goodie Mob’s ‘Soul Food’ is the Greatest Atlanta Rap Album of All-Time.” National Public Radio, December 15, 2015.

Links to Public Works

Cheif Historian, “Maynard the Movie”

The Signature Black History Month Lecture for C-Span’s American History TV (February 21, 2018)

“Historian States Income Disparity Will Eventually Drive African Americans Out of Historical Atlanta Neighborhood (April 3, 2018)

“The King of Atlanta: Martin Luther King Jr. and Public Memory.”

“From Sacred Cow to Crooked Ass Jackson: An Interview with Maurice J. Hobson about The Legend of the Black Mecca.”

All Black Everythang: Aesthetics, Anecdotes and FX’s Atlanta.”

“Switching Dixies: Atlanta, Neo-Confederates, and the Centennial Games.”

“But for Bull Connor and Birmingham.”