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Patricia Dixon

Associate Professor    

Ph.D., African-American Studies, Temple University
MBA, Howard University
B.S., Howard University


Research Interests
Relationships, Marriage and Family
African American women & men
Holistic Health and Wellness
Energy Healing/Medicine


Dr. Patricia Dixon (aka Ra Heter Ku-t) is an Associate Professor in the Department of African-American Studies. She serves as the Director of Community Service Learning and facilitated the department winning the 2014 Carl V. Patton Presidents Award for Community Service and Social Justice. Dr. Dixon is the past Executive Director of the National Council for Black Studies (NCBS). She is the author of four books on relationships, creator of the African American Relationships and Marriage Curriculum (AARMS) and creator of several blogs and social media sites including:


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Dixon, P. Seven Steps to Heal, Attract Love and Sustain a Relationship with Your Soul’s Partner. Forthcoming

Dixon, P. Notes from A Black Woman: In Outrage and in Mourning. Forthcoming

Dixon, P. The Journey of My Soul: A Memoir. Forthcoming

Dixon, P. (2013). African American Male/Female Relationships: A Reader. California: Cognella Academic Publishing.

Dixon, P. (2009). We Want for Our Sisters What We Want for Ourselves. Black Classic Press: Baltimore, MD.

Dixon, P. (2007). African American Relationships, Marriages and Families: An Introduction. Routledge: New York.

Dixon. P. & Osiris, K. (2002). TLC–Talking and Listening with Care: A Communication Guide for Singles and Couples. Nuvo Development: Decatur, GA

Recent Referred Journal Articles

Dixon. P. (2013). AARMS: The African American Relationships and Marriage Strengthening Curriculum for African American Relationships Courses and Programs. Journal of African American Studies. DOI 10.1007/s12111-013-9274-1. Retrieved from:

Dixon, P. (2009), Marriage Among African Americans: What does the research reveal? Journal of African American Studies. Volume 13, Number 1.