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Sarita K. Davis

Associate Professor    

Ph.D., Program Evaluation, Cornell University, 1994
M.S.W., University of California at Los Angeles, 1989
B.A., Criminal Justice, California State College Bakersfield, 1985


Research Interests

Sexual Decision Making
HIV/AIDS Prevention Education
Culturally-Relevant Praxis


Dr. Sarita K. Davis is an Associate Professor in the Department of African American Studies and affiliate faculty in the Institute of Public Health at Georgia State University.  Since 2009, she has served as Director of the Graduate Program for DAAS.  She is knowledgeable about culturally relevant research in HIV prevention education targeting African American women. She has conducted research involving African American women at risk of HIV living in high burden communities, with emphasis on the intersectional effects of race, class, and gender on health.


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Davis, S. (2014). Health-Information Seeking Behavior of Black Women at high-risk of HIV in the South.  Journal of Social Work in Public Health (In Press).
Davis, S. (2014). The Sojourner Syndrome and HIV Risk. Transforming Anthropology (In Press).
Davis, S., Forge, N., Adams, M.A., & Rothenberg, R. (2014). Obstacles and Options to Faith-based HIV Service Delivery to Low-Income Inner City Residents: Perspectives of Black Clergy with Commuter Congregations. Journal of Black Studies (In press).
Davis, S.  & Tucker-Brown, A. (2013). The Effects of Social Determinants on Black Women’s HIV Risk: HIV is Bigger than Biology.  Journal of Black Studies, 44: 273-289.
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Davis, S. (2012). The Heightening Effect of Race, Class, and Gender on HIV Exposure among low-income Black Women. Journal of Race and Policy, Spring/Summer, 8 (1): 67-86.
2007, Davis, S. & Coleman S.  Re-visiting the use of Behavior Theory in Graduate Education:  A comparative study of instructor feedback on graduate student anxiety.  The Journal of Teaching in Social Work.  Haworth Press, Inc.  Vol., 27 Issue 3/4.
2005, Davis, S.  The Politics of Prayer, Pantyhose and Friends in High Places: A Black Womanist Perspective on Workfare.  The Journal of Race, Gender and Class, Vol. 11 No. 4.