Undergraduate Degree Bachelor of Arts in African-American Studies

African-American Studies offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of African people nationally and globally. It recognizes how issues and factors in addition to race affect the lives of African people worldwide. As an interdisciplinary field of concentration, it offers critiques of knowledge presented in the traditional disciplines and professions, scholarly and artistic accounts of the realities of the lives of African-Americans, and perspectives on social change. The Department of African- American Studies provides students with the intellectual origins, concepts, research, and models of the disciplines; the knowledge and skills necessary for the study of group cultures; and a curriculum that contributes to the goals of multicultural education. Faculty and courses are drawn from the department itself and from other departments, schools, and institutes within the university. For the official university guidelines, please see the Georgia State University undergraduate catalog.


  • Humanities
  • Social/Behavioral Science
  • Pre-Education

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Career Opportunities

African-American Studies is an inter-disciplinary field that prepares its students for professional life and social responsibility. Our emphasis on critical engagement, communication (oral and written) skills, and research provides important preparation and competencies in a variety of careers. Our alumni have successfully pursued careers in Law, Education, Historic Preservation, Public Health, Mental Health, Urban Planning, Social Work, and Human Rights Advocacy.

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