Undergraduate Degree Minor in African-American Studies

Students who wish to minor in African-American Studies should complete the following requirements (15 total hours). A grade of C or higher is required in all minor courses.

1. Complete the following three courses (9)

  • AAS 2010 Introduction to African-American Studies (3)
  • AAS 3120 African Diaspora (3)
  • AAS 4120 African-American Political Thought (3)

2. Select two African-American Studies courses at the 3000 level or above (6).

For the official university guidelines, please see the Georgia State University undergraduate catalog. The official university undergraduate catalog is the document of record for all requirements.

Additional Information

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Career Opportunities

A baccalaureate degree in African American Studies prepares a student for careers in both the public and private sector. College graduates who major in African American Studies are employed as:
• Educators
• Research Analysts
• Employment Counselors
• Human Service Workers
• Union Representatives
• Housing Administrators
• Urban Planners
• Correction/Probation Officers
• Legislative Aids
• Journalists
• Business Managers
• Lawyers

Moreover, in addition to being a stimulation and useful major by itself, a B.A. Degree in African American Studies is also an excellent complement to most social science and humanities degrees. An African American Studies major also provides the training and foundation to pursue a graduate degree in either African American Studies or one of the traditional disciplines.

Check out the link below for information on what you can do with an African-American Studies degree:
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