Pre-Education Track in African-American Studies


Pre-Education African-American Studies Track with a Concentration in History

The Pre-Education Track in African-American Studies develops teachers to work effectively in multi-cultural classrooms. This concentration in the African-American Studies major prepares teachers to instruct students from diverse ethnic, gender, cultural and social class groups across the Diaspora by offering curricula that examines the histories and experiences of people of African descent and aspects of cultural identity formation in the U.S., Africa, and the Caribbean.

This track also prepares educators to develop their students to be citizens of a global community. Students who wish to pursue the Pre-Education track in African-American Studies must take ten (33 complete hours) designated upper division major courses and complete the course work in three of the following four allied fields which are Political Science (9); Sociology (9); and Economics (9). After completion of the above requirements, the student will be awarded a Broad Field Social Science Pre-education Certificate.



AAS 3975 Concepts and Theories in African-American Studies (3)

AAS 4980 Senior Seminar and Practicum (3)

AAS 3450/Hist 4890 History of African-Americans in Georgia (3)

AAS 4640/Hist 4270 African-American People (4)

AAS 4600/Hist 4270 Enslavement and Resistance in North America (3)

AAS 4620/Hist 4290 Enslavement in the Americas (3)

AAS 4772/Hist 4772 Women in Africa (3)

AAS 4774/Hist 4774 African Rebellions (3)

Hist 3000 Introduction to Historical Studies (4)

Hist 3220 United States in the 20th Century (4)

Total Credit Hours: 33


Allied field (27 Credit Hours) Select 3 out of the 4 allied fields:

Political Science 9 hours of appropriate courses

Sociology 9 hours of appropriate courses

Geography 9 hours of appropriate courses

Economics 9 hours of appropriate courses